Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Muse Get Together at Ink About It!

It was an awesome time. Lots of crafting and shopping. I would call it a card marathon. I made 18! It was great to see my friends, good laughs and stories. Here is the card I made for the event. Got to love that glitter mist. Enjoy the candid photos of the day.

I must hurry the baby is waiting. Oh but I haven't been out crafting with the ladies lately!

I am really concentrating. I hope there are not too many pink cards!

I know I shouldn't stick my tongue out but.....Were are the markers?


  1. It was a super fun day!!!! I look like I was in deep thought. LOL!

  2. Love the captions. Too cute.

  3. LOL Can you believe I'm just now catching up on blog posts?? You crack me up - but so true, this is exactly what we were all thinking :)
    Great to see you again- hope we can catch up soon!


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